Fever To Chills And Itchy Skin Due To Cold Allergy?

Illustration of Fever To Chills And Itchy Skin Due To Cold Allergy?
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Hi doctor. I am 16 years old. I get cold, my skin will itch and will have flu throughout the day even to a fever, but I still feel cold and shivering. Does this include cold allergies and how to overcome them?

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Good morning, thanks for asking at HealthReplies.com. The condition of itchy skin when exposed to cold, is a condition that is most likely in the form of cold urticaria or cold allergies. And this condition cannot be cured, but can only be avoided for example by increasing the temperature of the air conditioner, using thick clothing, bathing using warm water and so forth.

However, this condition should not cause the flu and fever. So in your case, the possibility of the condition is not only due to a cold allergy but there are other conditions that accompany it such as:

Xerosis or dry skin syndrome
Viral infections such as flu
Sore throat

And in general, it could actually be any infection in the body. This is because the infection will trigger inflammation which is characterized by fever. In addition to increasing body temperature, fever will also make it easier for someone to feel cold with the aim that the person is looking for warmth. The warmth of the body that is obtained from a fever and the person's efforts such as using blankets, patches, or warming air conditioners, will make the growth of bacteria and viruses.

So because there are indeed many possibilities, we suggest that you consult your doctor for a thorough check-up and later determine what the best treatment for your condition is.

Meanwhile, avoid cold air and wear thick clothes, eat and drink warm ones like chicken soup and warm tea, take a bath with warm water, don't scratch the itchy area and sprinkle with salicyl powder to reduce itching, adequate rest, avoid stress and smoke cigarettes, and consult a doctor. So, hopefully answering your question.

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