Fever With Difficulty Swallowing?

Illustration of Fever With Difficulty Swallowing?
Illustration: Fever With Difficulty Swallowing? Bing

I’m sick and have a fever and have difficulty swallowing since yesterday and I took medicine last night and the fever went down at dawn but 2 hours later my fever went up again but it’s hard to swallow it doesn’t go away and now I’m itching on my feet and hands

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Hi Aminah. The condition you are experiencing can be caused by:

1. Pharyngitis

2. Tonsillopharyngitis

3. Diphtheria

4. Allergies especially assess the presence of itching in the hands and feet

5. Measles, especially if the itching is also followed by certain red rashes

Consult your doctor about your condition for treatment and further information. A physical exam can help. Things to do like

1. Increase the consumption of water

2. Consumption of balanced nutrition, especially fruits and vegetables

3. Get enough rest

Specific treatment depends on the underlying cause. Hopefully helpful, and thank you. Regards, Dr Alyssa

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