Finger Is Difficult To Move After Surgery Because Of An Accident?

Illustration of Finger Is Difficult To Move After Surgery Because Of An Accident?
Illustration: Finger Is Difficult To Move After Surgery Because Of An Accident?

Hello, about a month ago I had an accident that broke my ring finger and my pinky finger. The doctor said, seen from my xray my little finger was dislocated and my ring finger was broken, the day after the accident I was immediately operated on and fitted with metacarpal orif wire and orif wire phalanges, at the time of the operation, he said my artery had a tear in the ring finger fitting the iron was fitted but he said it was sewn .. well 3 weeks later the doctor could not be removed … the method of iron removal was only in poly cmn using pliers and no surgical procedures. well now it’s enough 6 days after the iron is removed … my ring finger and pinky can be moved, but have limited mobility. other than that, my ring finger was swollen in the area that had been fitted with iron, and the surrounding area looked wrinkled. I sometimes train my ring and pinky fingers but both are still tremors. Is it natural for events like the one above to occur and what can I do at home so that my ring and pinky fingers can return to normal? At the moment I am not taking any medicine … for my wound I only use bio oil or dermatix. Please answer me. Thank you🙏🏻

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Good afternoon, thank you for asking at Complaints that you experience can occur due to several possibilities, including:

Damage to supporting tissues such as ligaments and tendons
Inflammation process due to infection
Nerve related disorders
Recovery process

What you need to know is that depending on the severity of your condition when you first experience the event, it could be that the limitations of this movement is the maximum movement that you can actually do. To find out, you must make sure by asking this condition again to the doctor who treats you. It needs to be clarified whether the condition is already the best treatment of the condition you have or if there is indeed another disease. This cannot be known without direct inspection so returning control is an important action.

In addition, you should also ask whether the exercise you are doing is correct and whether it is recommended or not. In the meantime, do not force your fingers to move, and do not also make alternative treatments that could potentially worsen the condition. So, hopefully answering your question.

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