Fingers Wrinkled And Tingling?

Illustration of Fingers Wrinkled And Tingling?
Illustration: Fingers Wrinkled And Tingling?

Good afternoon, sorry to ask for the past few days my palms are often wrinkled when they don’t touch water, their fingertips are red and often numb. Do you think it’s dehydration or a symptom of another disease? thank you

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Hi Diah, thanks for asking at

Wrinkles actually occur because of a penuan process that happens to everyone. But sometimes wrinkles can appear earlier, known as the aging process. Wrinkles are marked by lines, folds, to wrinkles on the skin. Various possibilities can cause wrinkles, including:

 Age, this is closely related to decreased elasticity of the skin with increasing age Ultraviolet (UV) rays, resulting in damage to the skin tissue. Air Pollution Cigarette, due to disruption of blood flow to the skin. Certain facial expressions are often done, such as frowning. Genetic hormone changes

With a direct skin examination and an appropriate follow-up examination, the various causes of your complaint can be distinguished to determine the exact cause. Therefore it is highly recommended to see a doctor or dermatologist to get a more detailed explanation and a complete examination.

Here are some things you can do for now:
 Protect yourself from direct sunlight (wearing umbrellas, hats, and glasses) Using a sun block Use a moisturizer Drink plenty of water Consumption of healthy and nutritious food Get enough rest Avoid smoking
That's all, hope it helps.

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