First Aid For Burns?

Illustration of First Aid For Burns?
Illustration: First Aid For Burns?

Good afternoon doctor, 1 week ago I experienced an incident that caused burns due to exposure to hot water, the affected part was the calf to the ankle and the nape of the left. Because there were several water bubbles, the hospital’s treatment was to remove the water through a pipe. After a few days the water bubbles reappeared. My neighbor’s doctor took action by peeling off all the black skin even though it wasn’t dry yet. Because he is worried that keloids will occur and cause skin defects. It’s been 4 days since the stripping. Because the affected part is quite badly at the nape of the neck and there is no skin, it is difficult for me to walk and can’t even put my feet on it. My feet were also swollen at the hump of my feet (over the knuckles). Is the action taken correctly ?. And what are the characteristics of the skin that has started to grow? Is the texture harsh? the ointment I use is bioplcenton. Please explain, doctor

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From the information you have conveyed, the most important burns treatment is to prevent the risk of infection and the risk of dehydration (especially in severe burns) and reduce the side effects that may occur, so the handling is related to your clinical condition and the condition of your wound.

It is hoped that the application of the related ointment will help reduce the risk of infection and help your skin heal.

Thus, if your doctor's goal is to prevent the risk of infection and help your burns heal, then generally the treatment is good.

Signs of improved burns are that the burn fluid production has stopped, the wound dries up, and skin cell regeneration has occurred in the burn area.

The hard texture on the burn surface can be possible due to the dry wound or due to drying of the medication that is given as a protective layer for your burn.

If the surface of your burn has dried, then you should continue with the treatment, and avoid exfoliating this dry wound, so wait for it to peel naturally. In addition, avoid contact wounds with water to prevent infection and wounds from healing long.

That is the information we can convey, read also burns.


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