First Aid For Sore Throat With Ingredients That Are At Home

Illustration of First Aid For Sore Throat With Ingredients That Are At Home
Illustration: First Aid For Sore Throat With Ingredients That Are At Home

Hello sorry for the plague like this a little paranoid. want to ask first aid for sickness with materials that are easy to get at home or what?

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Sore throat or pharyngitis in medical language is an inflammation that occurs due to a viral or bacterial infection. Someone with poorly maintained oral cavity is prone to this disease. The main symptom is pain in the throat, especially when swallowing food, drink or saliva. It also can be accompanied by fever and cough.
A sore throat is generally a mild illness that can be treated by self care at home, by doing the following:
1. Eat lots of warm water.
2. Consumption of warm honey given with lime or lemon juice.
3. Routine brushing your teeth twice a day, ie after breakfast and before going to bed.
4. Gargle with warm salt water.
5. Consume fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C or take supplements that contain vitamin C.
6. Check your teeth to the dentist, routinely every 6 months or according to what your dentist recommends.
Related to gargling with apple vinegar water mixed with salt water, you should avoid. Treatment in this way requires further research related to the dose, benefits and side effects that can occur. Apple vinegar is acidic, which can cause teeth to become porous, irritate the throat and stomach. Especially for people who have a history of gastric or gastric acid disease, it should be avoided because it can irritate the stomach.
Thus hopefully useful.

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