First Aid When Stung By A Jellyfish?

Illustration of First Aid When Stung By A Jellyfish?
Illustration: First Aid When Stung By A Jellyfish?

If you get stung by a jellyfish, what should you do first?

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Jellyfish stings are quite common after swimming or diving. Long jellyfish tentacles can channel toxins into the skin. The jellyfish sting can vary in degree. The most common is to cause pain, redness, and skin irritation from the sting. Jellyfish stings can also cause systemic effects to life-threatening emergencies.

Treatment for jellyfish stings consists of initial treatment and medication + obata depending on the type of jellyfish, severity, and body reaction. Initial treatment includes:

1. Remove the tentacles visible to the eye using tweezers carefully
2. Soak the stung area with hot water. Use water with a temperature of 45 degrees Celsius. If you don't have a thermometer, you can soak your hands in them where it will feel hot in the skin but not to cause blisters. Soak for 20-45 minutes.

Avoid doing the following because the benefits are not yet clear, namely:
1. Submerge with sea water
2. Rinse with human urine
3. Rinse with alcohol
4. Rub with a towel
5. Wrap the press with a cloth

Furthermore, patients are advised to be taken to a health facility to get adequate treatment. Jellyfish stings in the eyes or surrounding areas require adequate treatment immediately so that it requires treatment from an eye doctor.

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