First Menstruation

Illustration of First Menstruation
Illustration: First Menstruation

My sister’s doctor is 14 years old, she has never been obstructed / menstruated, but only recently, “he has been out like a black brown spots, so he doesn’t come out so much, why is that?” If blood is normal, isn’t it red, but is it blackish brown or not dangerous?

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Hi Nayla,

The emergence of blackish brown spots certainly cause anxiety in women, especially in women who are menstruating for the first time. Although it looks scary, blackish brown spots are very likely to be normal and are caused by long blood that is retained in the uterus. Unusual menstruation (in the form of spots only) does often occur in women who have just menstruated, because the body and uterus are still adjusting to hormonal changes so that women who have recently menstruated often have irregular cycles and varying characteristics of blood / menstrual tissue.

Even though it can be caused by something normal, your sister should still be aware of the emergence of complaints related to menstruation such as severe abdominal pain, abnormal vaginal discharge, prolonged spots or not menstruation. Immediately consult a doctor if complaints arise or other complaints to ascertain the cause of the complaint so that appropriate treatment can be done.

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dr. Budiono

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