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Hello, on the sole of my right foot a fish eye appeared, I immediately went to the clinic, the doctor said there needed to be operated on again, I said the doctor said that at that time, surgery was also performed. After the stitches were finished, the doctor said he told me to come back 3 days later to remove the stitches. A week after opening the stitches, my legs hurt again when I walked, and it hurt even more from the time I still had the fish eyes. I checked myself that there were 3 lumps that were after surgery when I pressed them. What should I do? I am a bit afraid that if the surgery is done, the fish eye will come back again and more. NThank you in advance doctor.

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Hello Helinda, thank you for asking at I will try to answer your question.

Fish eye is actually a thickening of the skin on the soles of the feet caused by repeated pressure and friction. It is round in shape, small in size, and in the middle there is a hard and painful core when pressed due to an inflammatory process in that location. In contrast to calluses, calluses do not occur in an inflammatory process so they do not cause pain when pressed or to walk. Sure enough, fish eyes often occur in women, because the risk factor is that the most frequent shoe users are women.

The factors that make the skin grow into fish eyes are:

use of uncomfortable shoes
don't use socks

Apart from being examined in person, the supporting examination was X-ray / Rongten photos. One way to remove fish eyes is by surgery, if the complaints are not reduced by means of thinning using mechanics / tools (knives, pumice stones), thinning with drugs (salicylic acid).

Even though surgery has been chosen, it does not mean that the fish eye will not recur, it is better if precautions should be taken so that recurrence can be avoided. It is better if you need to know the basic cause of the eyelets that grow on the feet, whether due to the size of the shoe that does not fit properly, or the use of shoes / footwear without socks, or other causes. Because by knowing the cause, preventive measures can be effective.

The following precautions can be taken, such as:

Wear and choose shoes that are comfortable and the size that fits your feet.
Apply a moisturizing cream on your feet before you wear shoes, and make sure the moisturizing cream absorbs the skin before you put on your shoes.
Use socks so that your feet can avoid friction when using footwear / shoes.
Buy / Choose shoes in the afternoon. Because in the morning the foot size is smaller than in the afternoon, because over time, the foot size will get bigger and bigger until the afternoon.

Thank you, hope it helps


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