Fish Eye In Pregnant Women.?

Illustration of Fish Eye In Pregnant Women.?
Illustration: Fish Eye In Pregnant Women.?

..from the beginning of pregnancy my palms appear like fish eyes / warts are getting more and more growing, I try to buy a drug diapotik but contraindicated in pregnant women. my question is it all right to wait until my new birth is treated? It’s already very uncomfortable,

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Hello Dewik15, thank you for asking

Fish eye and warts are different conditions. Fish eye in medical is also called clavus, this condition is characterized by thickening of the skin that occurs due to pressure and friction on the skin that occurs continuously. The eyes of the fish are usually small, and have a tougher center and are surrounded by inflamed, reddish skin that usually causes pain. And often appears on the soles of the feet.

If the cause is a fish eye or clavus this condition is generally not dangerous, but can be buffered when it causes pain. Some common treatment steps used to treat fish eyes for example

The act of thinning the skin layer with a knife, but the procedure needs to be done by a doctor with the aim of reducing pain, as well as removing or scraping the thickened skin and triggering new skin growth Medicines, some drugs that are sold freely in the form of ointments containing salicylic acid can soften and remove dead skin. Despite its use on the skin, safety for pregnant women is unknown. This drug is classified in category C where there are no controlled studies in pregnant women. Using a shoe pad when a fish's eye appears on the foot to reduce friction and irritation in the fish's eye Unlike the case with warts, warts are a surface condition of the skin infected with papilloma virus (HPV). It is characterized by small bumps, uneven or rough surfaces, pale or brown color. , itchy and painful to the touch. And these warts attack all ages, especially people with a low immune system, such as children and teenagers. And usually appears on the elbows, around the nails, palms, and fingers or toes.

example of a wart drawing on a finger

These warts are also in most cases harmless but can be contagious. And in some cases warts and heal by themselves without having to be treated, but it takes a long time a matter of weeks to months.

Although some cases of warts can improve on their own, treatment needs to be done, especially if the warts have spread to other parts of the body, start causing pain, or cause bleeding. Therefore it is recommended to see a dermatologist to get treatment. And don't forget to always explain that you are pregnant, because treatment and treatment can be different for pregnant women.

That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful

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