Fish Eye?

I want to ask, this is like I have a fisheye on my pinkie but I just wanted to leave it for about 3 months. .. and recently, I feel that my fish’s eyes have started to turn bluish, but still small and I hold or squeeze it, I have started to feel a little sick.

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Fisheye or bumps that appear on the pinkie (you should explain the little finger or toe) can be caused by several things, such as:

 Bunion. Rheumatoid arthritis. Joint infection. Disorders of the tendon. Soft tissue tumors. If this happens to the feet, this can be influenced by foot use factors and the use of uncomfortable shoes that can change the structure of the bones and surrounding tissue in the pinky part, and a history of injury can also affect the emergence of this condition.

Here are things you can do to reduce complaints:

 Take pain relievers such as paracetamol. Compress the part that appears fish eye / bump with ice water. Use elastic bandages to reduce pressure and pain. Avoid pressing on the painful part, especially with unclean hands. If the fish eye / bump appears on the little toe, you can use shoes with comfortable soles. If the complaint persists, the eye of the fish / lump enlarges and shows signs of infection such as redness, feeling warm, very painful, and pus coming out, you can visit the doctor for further treatment, as well as consider the possibility of treatment with surgery after the infection has healed. Hopefully this information helps and hopefully get well soon.


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