Fistula In The Abdomen Pus Out Again After Surgery

Illustration of Fistula In The Abdomen Pus Out Again After Surgery
Illustration: Fistula In The Abdomen Pus Out Again After Surgery

I want to ask the doctor … so I had an old appendicitis surgery 9 months ago because it had ruptured, finally my stomach was perforated and then put on a hose … after recovering 3 months later pus appeared in the former tubes of the tube after continuing treatment of the pus did not disappear and come out all the time and finally the doctor said I got a fistula and I was back in surgery last March … but after 3 weeks of operation and had opened the connection, the pus appeared again at one point … is that reasonable? or why, doc, I’m afraid to reoccur … thanks in advance

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A history of appendicitis and appendicitis rupture, is an emergency condition and risks to the patient's mental safety, so that appropriate handling procedures are needed to prevent dangerous complications from appendicitis. And then the installation of the hose in the area of ​​the operation or the stomach is done to help with post-operative care. This is done to help prevent fluid buildup and postoperative inflammation.

And if indeed after all the treatment process goes well, and the hose has been removed, the risk that can occur is the appearance of a fistula in the former operation or a hose that was installed earlier. This fistula can be a place of growth of germ or harmful microorganisms so that there are complaints of pus or inflammation in the area.

And if last March, a surgical procedure has been carried out to assist in the handling of this fistula, so if the current area of ​​the surgical procedure suffers from complaints of suppuration again, it is likely that this condition can be caused by inflammation in the area of ​​the surgical wound. Although the possibility of a fistula is present, the possibility is small until your surgeon confirms that the complaint is a fistula.

However, because of the new surgical procedure you undertook in March 2020, the presence of pus complaints that arises is most likely due to the wound healing process that is still not going well. On average, the surgical wound recovery process can take around 7-14 days, it can also extend to 30 days, depending on the patient's clinical condition and the process of wound care performed. So, you need to discuss with your doctor about good wound care procedures and detailed treatment steps at home, this is necessary to equalize the wound care effort undertaken by your doctor and wound care done by yourself have similar procedures. So that the evaluation of wound recovery can be done well.

Furthermore, some of the conditions below can increase the risk of the appearance of pus and old wounds that heal, such as:

Take medication irregularly or not as directed by your doctor
Water wound
The wound is not treated according to doctor's orders
Contamination of wounds with objects or other materials that are not hygienic
The habit of staying up late or lack of sleep will interfere with wound recovery
Other diseases, such as diabetes
Drug resistance

Therefore, if some of the risk factors above you meet, then do the prevention or control of these risk factors so as not to aggravate the injury you feel. If all of the above risk factors are absent, then a further evaluation will be carried out by your doctor to help the wound recovery process and prevent the appearance of pus in your wound.

When you control back to the doctor, discuss with the doctor what treatments should be done, what should be avoided and what efforts you can do to help heal this wound. You can also ask for a second opinion from another surgeon to help you recover the wound if you are still festering in the next 2 weeks or there are still complaints.

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