Flatulence And Dry Throat?

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Lately, my stomach has been bloated, I often urinate, I have difficulty having chapters, I don’t feel hungry, my throat feels dry, what is a sign of disease?

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Hi Azhura.. Thank you for the question given.

Stomach feels bloated can be described with a stomach that feels full, tight, and gassy. This results in discomfort in the abdomen. Complaints of flatulence can be caused by: constipation/difficult bowel movements, women with premenstrual syndrome, digestive disorders such as IBS, parasitic infections of the intestine, and excessive consumption of soda.

It is said to frequently urinate if in a day BAK is more than 4-8x or often wakes up at night for BAK. BAK complaints that you feel can be due to:

Urinary tract infection — characterized by pain when urinating, difficulty holding urination, burning when going to urinate, feeling incomplete urination, cloudy urine, and pain in the lower abdomen. This infection is caused by bacteria. Infection can occur starting from the urinary tract (urethra), bladder, kidneys, and the tube that connects the bladder and kidneys (ureters).

Urinary weakness
The effect of drugs (such as: cold medicine, cough medicine, allergies, stomach cramps, some have this effect)

An esophagus that feels dry can be a symptom of strep throat or pharyngitis. You can overcome this by drinking lots of water, avoiding foods that are too sweet, accompanied by preservatives / dyes, and oily foods.

If you feel that frequent urination is very disturbing, accompanied by lower abdominal pain, complaints of flatulence accompanied by eating disorders, bowel movements, then it's a good idea to see a doctor. The doctor will carry out a more detailed physical examination, and may continue to check the urine to help make the diagnosis.

What you can do:

Eat regularly and eat foods that contain and (vegetables and fruits)
Meet your daily water needs
Avoid holding BAB
Avoid fizzy drinks
Keep the area around the genitals clean, avoid moisture, and avoid wearing pants that are too tight

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