Flatulence And Shortness Of Breath And Chest Pain?

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Good evening doctor, I want to ask. My dad has a history of a mild heart attack two years ago. And now every night I feel flatulence, shortness of breath and feel his heart aching. How to handle while at home huh?

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Hi Dinda,

The emergence of complaints of stomach ulcers, tightness and chest pain can indeed be caused by disorders of the heart such as heart attacks (angina pectoris), congestive heart disease or coronary heart disease. However, please note that these symptoms can not only be caused by heart problems, but can also be caused by heartburn, stomach acid disease (GERD) or disorders of the bile.

Therefore, your father should consult a doctor if the complaint is permanent or very severe to ascertain the cause of the complaint so that the steps of handling in accordance with the conditions that cause your father's complaint can be given.

The doctor will ask for a history of complaints, carry out physical examinations and supporting examinations such as blood tests, heart records, gastrointestinal ultrasound or gastrointestinal (gastroscopy) if necessary. If the complaint is caused by heart problems, the doctor will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine whether the condition can be done outpatient. If the complaint is caused by stomach acid disease, your doctor may prescribe a stomach acid-lowering drug such as omeprazole and encourage your father to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Here are suggestions that your father can do:

Avoid conditions that can trigger / aggravate complaints
Eat healthy nutritious foods
Avoid foods that are too acidic, spicy, fatty (for example coconut milk), coffee, milk, tea, soft drinks or alcohol
Manage stress wisely
Limit physical activity when needed
Perform treatment and control according to doctor's orders

May be useful,

dr. Budiono

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