Flatulence, Decreased Appetite And Diarrhea?

Greetings, I’m a 28-year-old woman. Yesterday morning I had breakfast at 8. At 12 I consumed soursop fruit & bananas. In the afternoon my stomach felt bloated and cramped. At first I thought it was a common cold considering that some days I was often windy. My appetite has greatly decreased since this symptom appeared. But this afternoon I felt my stomach ache was not as usual. I try to drink Promag, 1 hour later, I can defecate. But 1 hour later I started diarrhea. The time interval for each diarrhea is only 30 minutes and only in the form of liquid. Thanks.

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Hello Robiah, thank you for using the HealthReplies.com service.

The symptoms and signs that you experience can be caused by inflammation of the stomach and intestines which can be caused by viruses and bacteria (gastroenteritis). In addition to heartburn and loose stools, gastroenteritis also has accompanying symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite, weight loss, frequent sweating, sometimes fever, and headache.

Gastroenteritis can spread through contact with an infected person or through food or drink that has been contaminated with viruses or bacteria. If this interferes with your activities, I suggest to immediately consult a general practitioner or a specialist in internal medicine, so that a thorough examination can be carried out, such as questions and answers, examination of vital signs, examination of signs of dehydration, stomach examination, and supporting examinations if necessary such as routine stool, so that treatment can be given according to your diagnosis.

As for the things you can do right now are:

Drink more fluids Avoid consuming fruit juices because this drink can actually improve the symptoms of diarrhea experienced. Eat small amounts of food and are easily digested. Adequate rest Do not consume foods that can stimulate the digestive tract such as foods that are too acidic, spicy, and bitter Maintain the cleanliness of hands, food, drinks, and cutlery Such information that I can give, hopefully can help you.

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