Flatulence In Infants Aged 1 Month?

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Ask for the enlightenment of the doctor. My child was born in the car on the way to the puskesmas, this child was born first but the buttocks, at birth did not cry until the puskesmas when cutting the navel just cried … !! 8 hours later my son started to turn blue and then the Puskesmas doctor put it in the glass … !! After it is safe n at dawn, it starts to turn blue again, finally refer to the general hospital … !! Arriving at the hospital the medical staff put it in the glass … !!! After installing O2, inserting a tube into the mouth, inserting a tube through the navel … !!! It’s time for 1 week to get sick … finally the doctor recommends to get out of the hospital because this baby is healthy. I’m already 1 month old … !!!

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The condition of a newborn baby, usually will be seen by several studies related to the initial condition at birth, namely crying, body muscles, and children born in full term. If one is not good then usually the doctor or health worker will do the process of breathing assistance with a breathing aid pump or if it gets worse can get to the help of drugs. If the baby looks blue it could be a condition of one sign of a lack of oxygen in the body so that oxygen is given. As well as being put into a glass box usually it is to maintain the baby's body temperature so it does not experience cold or body temperature that is too low. Regarding nurses provided during the period in the hospital should consult with a pediatrician who treats your child. This will help you understand your child's overall condition.

Flatulence experienced by children can be related to the process of eating and digestion experienced. Usually associated with gas or air in excessive digestive tracts. Symptoms experienced by infants are fussing and heartburn more bulging and a few stools. Some of the triggers are

Mother eats too much food that makes gas such as cabbage, cauliflower, potatoes, broccoli. So it will affect the content of breast milk.
Vegetables given to babies when excessive will usually make it bloated
Giving juice with high sugar content will usually interfere with the digestive tract
Inappropriate use of pacifiers if it is too small then too much air enters when drinking milk

Some things that should be done are

Helps release gas with the baby in supine sleeping position
Make a massage on the baby's abdomen and wipe the pit
When breastfeeding the baby should be in an upright position

But if bloating continues, the child is very fussy, palpable stomach, the baby does not fart or even bowel should be immediately taken to the doctor specifically a pediatrician

more information in this article

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