Flu, A Little Stuffy, But Not Fever?

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… then I have time to ask … and until now I am still sick. The details are Wednesday I consulted with complaints of colds, inflammation of the throat. Then when the drug runs out. I went to the doctor on Saturday again with complaints. Neck, cough, pain in the arm area. Then when I get home from the doctor. I suddenly had a high fever. And on Sunday I did not have a fever. And this Monday, my complaints are colds, coughs, a bit short of breath (rarely) but no fever … am I positive corona? Do I have to see a doctor again for the third time? If it’s not corona, what are the symptoms? Thank you

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Hello Fathul,

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The complaints that you feel can be caused by several causes including:

 Viral infections Allergy reactions Cold / dry air, such as in the use of air conditioners Consumption of foods that are too spicy Side effects of certain drugs such as hypertension drugs To suspect it as COVID-19 requires a more in-depth examination in the form of riwatat traveling to areas / countries that have the incidence of Corona infections , confirmed patient contact history, or living in a local transmission area. Complete physical examination is also important coupled with additional supporting examinations such as blood tests, throat swabs, chest X-ray images, CT scans, to serology. That way can be ascertained whether the cause of the complaint is a Corona virus or other causes. With the outbreak of Corona infections, you are expected to stay home and postpone consultations if the symptoms are not emergency and complete the therapy given by the doctor along with other things that can be done at home. If complaints of severe tightness appear immediately to your doctor again and use a mask.

Things you can do at home now include:

 Continue to observe the complaints that you feel Avoid going out of the house without important needs Avoid going to the crowd Use masks Routine hand washing with soap and running water Consumption of healthy and nutritious eating, multiply fruits and vegetables, and reduce foods too sweet that can stimulate coughing Drinking water Get plenty of rest Get regular exercise Avoid triggers that make you runny nose Manage stress well Hindrai cigarettes and alcohol Keep praying and get closer to God That is all, may answer.

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