Flu Accompanied By Chest Pain To Shortness Of Breath?

Illustration of Flu Accompanied By Chest Pain To Shortness Of Breath?
Illustration: Flu Accompanied By Chest Pain To Shortness Of Breath? uab.edu

Excuse me lately as breath like asthma. At first I just had an acute cold sneezing but I often left it, I didn’t want to enter the phone. Well lately my flu is getting better but my chest hurts as short as breath like a clogged ad. I try to leave the rehak as much as possible, the dry green liquid comes out. I didn’t cough cm, it hurt like a lump in my chest cavity. I had difficulty breathing. What medicine is right for me? And how do I handle it. What foods should you abstain from?

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Shortness of breath is the body's response to oxygen deficiency in the lungs. Shortness of breath is divided into two, due to the lungs and due to the heart.

Causes of shortness of breath:

Pneumonia. In patients with pneumonia usually shortness of breath and cough with fever. Tuberculosis. This disease is caused by bacteria whose symptoms are cough sometimes not accompanied by sputum for more than 2 weeks. Sufferers sometimes complain of fever that is not high and weight loss. Asthma. Shortness of breath due to asthma is usually caused by a history of exposure to allergic substances. Symptoms besides shortness of breath, the sufferer also experiences a cough. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. This disease is often found in active smokers and older people. symptoms include coughing, chest pain, wheezing, and shortness of breath. Heart failure. In patients who have previous heart defects can experience heart failure. In heart failure the symptoms are shortness of breath, coughing and restlessness. Lung disease due to work. In cement factory workers, the workers' lungs are found with cement dust. This can cause coughing and shortness of breath. Bronchitis. Inflammation of the bronchi or airway tubes characterized by coughing and shortness of breath and mostly caused by viruses. The advice I can give:

enough rest, drink plenty of water, do not smoke, consume more fruits and vegetables if you cough or sneeze using a tissue or use your sleeve in washing your hands frequently, use a mask. We recommend that you consult a Lung Specialist to find out the exact cause of the complaint you suffer.

Hopefully my explanation can answer the question.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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