Flu And Teary Eyes When Exposed To Cold Weather?

Illustration of Flu And Teary Eyes When Exposed To Cold Weather?
Illustration: Flu And Teary Eyes When Exposed To Cold Weather? Bing

In response to the doctor’s answer to my previous question, the cold allergy symptoms I feel are differentu003cbru003 even though I have the flu or sneeze continuously when the cold weather changes, but I don’t feel itchy and no red spots appear, all I feel is the flu and teary eyesu003cbru003eu003cbru003one more question I hadu003cbru003ewhen I bought the drug u003cstrongu003eAntihistaminesu003c/strongu003e to the pharmacy, the pharmacist was confused because of the drug u003003strongustrongu003cntihistamin there are several types, could you please be more specific as to what.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThanksu003cbru003eu003cbru003e

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Symptoms caused by allergies vary and are not always the same in each person, depending on the body's reaction to each person. Symptoms that can arise due to allergies are:

itching redness all over the body swelling in certain parts of the body such as lips or eyelids or face cough runny nose sneezing shortness of breath asthma If the allergic reaction is very severe it can cause shortness of breath and a shock reaction that can cause loss of consciousness it is called anaphylactic shock.

There are many kinds of symptoms, but they don't have to be all in one person, there are people who, if they are allergic, have a tendency to symptoms of redness of the skin or itching, and there are also those whose allergic reactions tend to sneeze, flu and runny nose or coughing.

There are many things that can cause allergies, such as:

allergy to dust, allergy to cold, allergy due to weather changes, allergy to animal dander, allergy to pollen, allergy to certain foods, such as: seafood, milk, cheese, eggs, chocolate, etc., allergy to certain odors, allergy to products containing certain chemicals, etc. If symptoms what you are experiencing is constantly appearing and especially if the weather conditions are cold it is likely that you are allergic to cold. For people with this allergy, they may also experience allergies to other things as well, to find out the triggering factors for these allergies you can observe in your daily life when symptoms usually appear, and or you can also check yourself directly with a doctor to check for allergic factors and can also by doing an allergy test with a skin prick test.

For initial treatment of diseases that may be due to allergies, namely:

- avoid cold air

- wear warm clothes when in cold places

- drink warm water

-Avoid precipitating factors that can trigger the recurrence of a prolonged cold that you experience

- take antihistamines to treat allergies

Antihistamine drugs are not used indiscriminately, must be monitored by a doctor, and the dose is adjusted according to the severity of the disease, so that the type and dosage must be in accordance with the results of the doctor's examination.

It's best for you to buy over-the-counter cold medicine for the first time, if it doesn't improve, you should check with your doctor right away.

Read about cold allergies

hope it's useful, thank you

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