Flu Is Accompanied By Chest Pain And Difficulty Breathing?

Illustration of Flu Is Accompanied By Chest Pain And Difficulty Breathing?
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Tonight, I want to ask, this morning I had a bad cold because I was exposed to strong winds, after that I drank some kind of dietary milk (high fiber), after that my chest was very sore and dry, I had limited breathing and was stiff when I breathed. Does the flu affect my asthma? or is it not asthma?

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The appearance of pain in the chest, shortness of breath, and also wheezing (wheezing) can indeed be caused by asthma (bronchial asthma). Asthma itself is a chronic inflammation of the lower digestive tract which causes the diameter of the respiratory tract to narrow and mucus production to increase. This condition can cause sufferers to experience limited activity, which can interfere with the quality of their sleep.

Asthma is a disease that is recurrent in nature. The recurrence is usually triggered by many factors, including respiratory infections (characterized by a stuffy or runny nose), exposure to wind or other allergens (such as pollen, cold, dust mites, animal fleas, fungal spores), and consumption of certain foods or drinks. (including dairy products). Not only that, it can also be triggered by excessive physical activity, exposure to air pollutants (for example smoke), drug side effects, drastic emotional changes, stomach acid reflux, and various other factors.

The exact cause of asthma is not yet known. However, many experts suspect that this condition occurs due to genetic (hereditary) factors that cause a person to experience atopic tendencies, not only asthma, but also allergic rhinitis and atopic dermatitis.

Not only asthma, you may also experience chest pain, shortness of breath, and also wheezing that you experience due to other triggers, for example bronchitis, pneumothorax, GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease), tuberculosis, pneumonia, congestive heart failure, panic attacks, side effects of drugs, etc.

If your complaint feels very disturbing, you should check with your doctor directly. With direct clinical examination, doctors are generally able to distinguish between asthma and other diseases. However, your doctor may also direct you to undergo other supporting tests, such as X-rays, sputum tests, laboratory tests, and so on to confirm the correct diagnosis. If it is true that you have asthma, the doctor may also refer you to a pulmonary specialist for further treatment.

As an initial treatment, try to reduce your complaint in the following ways:

When a complaint comes: Move to a comfortable place Don't panic Do not panic Arrange your breath properly Loosen your clothes Compress sore chest with warm water Sit up straight while resting from activities that are too tiring you Minimize the risk of respiratory infections, namely by improving personal hygiene, use nose mask, wash hands diligently Increase endurance, namely by exercising regularly, consuming lots of vegetables, fruit and other nutritious foods, sleeping regularly Do not smoking Avoid exposure to cold, pollutants and other air irritants Do not stress, panic, or be overly anxious Avoid taking drugs carelessly. Eat and drink regularly. Hope it helps.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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