Fluid Comes Out Of The Anus And Feels Sore?

Illustration of Fluid Comes Out Of The Anus And Feels Sore?
Illustration: Fluid Comes Out Of The Anus And Feels Sore? health.harvard.edu

My rectum is quite sore and wet and I am holding clear fluids, is that a sign of disease and is it dangerous or not?

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The discharge from the anus can be caused due to various causes. From the situation you are experiencing, the fluid that comes out of the anus accompanied by a burning feeling may be due to a boil.

Furuncles or so-called boils are lumps on the skin that contain pus. Furuncles are caused due to a bacterial infection. Boils can occur in various parts of the body. In the area around the anus, there is usually pubic hair, these hair follicles can experience bacterial infection and cause ulcers. Boils around the anus can cause symptoms such as the appearance of a lump around the anal canal, pain (both when touched or when defecating), can be accompanied by discharge of pus / discharge from around the anus. Boils are not a dangerous thing.

But besides that, the condition you are experiencing can also be caused by other causes such as:

hemorrhoids / hemorrhoids
anal abscess

therefore, to determine the exact cause of the condition you are experiencing, you should see a doctor directly, so that the doctor can check your condition directly. Thus the doctor can provide the right therapy for you. Avoid using any drugs. Eat enough vegetables and fruit. Drink enough water. Don't scratch the anal area.

here is an article that you can read about ulcers

may be useful. Thank you

dr. Danny

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