Fluid Deficiency In Infants?

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Afternoon, I want to ask. My child almost lacked fluids, had been taken to the health center. The doctor said that if his son doesn’t want to be given a drink and he wants to lie down he was told to go back again to be infused, well my son is now not given to drink or breast milk and want to sleep all the time. My child is an active child, so I am afraid that if I infuse, is there a better way than to infuse

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Fluid deficiency (dehydration) in infants can occur due to various factors, including excessive sweating (such as exposure to hot air, fever, excessive physical activity), vomiting and severe diarrhea (such as due to digestive infections, food allergies, poisoning, intolerance or malabsorption, intestinal inflammation), lack of drinking, hormonal disorders, drug side effects, and so on.

Unlike adults who are sensitive to thirst so that rarely occurs severe dehydration, dehydration in infants is often detected too late and eventually it will be treated too late. Therefore, parents should be more careful in observing the signs of dehydration in their babies.

Dehydration can be classified into several levels, namely mild, moderate and severe dehydration. If judging from the information you convey, where your baby will not drink and sleep a lot, chances are he is experiencing moderate to severe dehydration. This condition you should not consider trivial. Because, if it's too late to be handled, then lives can be at stake.

Check your baby again with your doctor or pediatrician if the condition has not improved with the previous treatment given. Of course, there are no infants to be infused. However, if this is better for him, then you should entrust the best treatment to your baby directly to the experts, the doctor. Not only dehydration, the cause of dehydration itself must be treated properly so that complaints do not return again.

The following steps can you do to prevent worsening dehydration in infants:

do not panic
Feed your baby breast milk as often as possible
If the baby is more than 6 months old, add it by giving him plenty to drink, ORS (a solution of salt sugar), a soupy food, as well as juicy fruits.
Give baby clothes made from cool, not hot and not tight
Do not carelessly give babies drugs or supplements to babies without a doctor's prescription

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