Fluid-filled Red Spots Appear On The Skin?

Illustration of Fluid-filled Red Spots Appear On The Skin?
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Hello … r nI have a complaint, my sister has chickenpox on her skin but already treated u0026amp; given ointment. The skin that has been given ointment is already dry, but in other areas new watery spots appear. How can you prevent new spots? did not appear? my sister is 1.5 years old …. thank you

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Hello Hanifa, thank you for your question

First, you must determine the cause of the appearance of a fluid-filled rash on your sister's body. There are several diseases that can cause this complaint, namely:

Chicken pox
Is a varicella zoster virus infection that causes fever symptoms accompanied by the appearance of a rash on the skin. Furthermore, the rash will become a fluid-filled rash accompanied by itching. This nodule then dries up into a scab and peels off. The whole process takes 7-14 days. The immune system will deal with this infection on its own. Treatment aims to relieve symptoms, for example paracetamol to relieve fever, antivirals (whether in the form of oral drugs or ointments) to speed up the healing process and reduce the possibility of complications, powders or lotions to relieve itching on the skin.
Antiviral treatment will not cure chickenpox. This means that even if the antiviral ointment is applied to the skin with a rash, it does not mean that other areas of the body will not develop a fluid-filled rash.
Herpes zoster - a continuation of chickenpox infection, because the varicella zoster virus stays in the body's nerve cells and is activated when the immune system decreases
Genital herpes - a herpes simplex virus infection, usually a fluid-filled rash that appears around the lips and genitals

Bullous impetigo - resembles a burn lesion, caused by a bacterial infection that usually appears in the midsection, particularly between the waist and neck, as well as on the arms and legs
Eczema or dermatitis - especially eczema with acute inflammation, in which the lesions appear wet and form small, fluid-filled bumps

For all skin lesions, it is appropriate to see a doctor directly. Most skin diseases can be diagnosed through an in-person history interview and physical examination. However, there are times when doctors recommend additional examinations, such as examining a sample of skin lesions. For the time being, avoid scratching or touching your sister's skin lesions. Follow the medical advice given by the doctor, either in the form of oral medicine or topical medicine, and make sure your sister is getting enough nutrition and getting enough rest.

Hope this information is useful

dr. Lili

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