Fluid From The Back Of The Nose To The Throat During Pregnancy?

Illustration of Fluid From The Back Of The Nose To The Throat During Pregnancy?
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Congratulations mlm .. I want to ask, I am 6 months pregnant and since the first trimester of pregnancy I have no colds but there is mucus liquid that runs from behind my nose to my throat which causes me to cough and sometimes causes shortness of breath and nasal congestion too .. This is a symptom of the disease What ? And how to deal with it .. ?? Thank you

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Hello Ms. Nur, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com

The presence of mucus that feels out from behind the nose and then to the throat is also called the term nasal drip. The situation is a symptom that occurs in several diseases, namely:

 Sinusitis Flu Allergic rhinitis The condition of the flow of mucus behind the throat will stimulate the cough reflex, especially at night which is chronic. The most common cause of post nasal drip is sinusitis. Sinusitis is a trade that occurs in the space around the nose (Sinus Paranasal). Trade in the room causes fluid accumulation in the room. The liquid can come out and flow into the throat. Disruption in the sinus space can be caused by viral or bacterial infections. Sinusitis can also be triggered by an allergic reaction.

The treatment itself depends on the cause. If caused by a virus, then increase endurance, because the disease because the virus can recover by itself. If caused by bacteria, it must be treated with antibiotics. If the cause is an allergy, it can be treated with a new generation of antihistamines and decongestants. To reduce the symptoms that you experience, do the following steps:

 Drink at least 8 glasses of water per day Diligent cleaning the house Avoid the materials that store dust in the house such as dolls and carpets Manage healthy lifestyles Eat nutritious food and Maintain immune system so it is not easily attacked by the flu Avoid other allergens that might make allergic reactions postpone examination of your ENT doctor during the corona virus pandemic until the government has declared that it is safe, because your condition is not an emergency. Hopefully the tips above can help reduce the symptoms you feel.

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