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Greetings in good health, my father-in-law fell in an accident while lifting heavy goods, and his back was sick, but he was not treated medically, just sorted, 15 years later my in-laws complained of difficulty breathing and finally was taken to the local government hospital, the doctor’s diagnosis, that there is fluid in my parents-in-law’s lungs but after 4 days it has not been confirmed what form the fluid is, the doctor only gave syrup, but my in-laws still had shortness of breath to the point that even though they used oxygen, the doctor still gave steam to my in-laws, based on My description, What is actually my in-laws? Thank you in advance

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Hello, good morning Fildiyani.

Sometimes there can be differences in perceptions of the diagnosis understood by the patient / patient's family with the medical diagnosis intended by the treating doctor. The presence of fluid in the lungs in medical language is called Pulmonary Edema. Meanwhile, the presence of fluid in the lining that encloses the lungs is known as pleural effusion. In general, these two diseases are not directly related to the accident that happened to your in-laws 15 years ago.

Pulmonary edema is a condition in which the small air sacs in the lungs (alveoli), which are normally filled with air, actually fill with liquid, thus obstructing the process of oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. As a result, patients who experience this disease will experience shortness of breath. Other symptoms of pulmonary edema include a wheezing sound when breathing, chest pain, extreme swelling of the legs, etc. Pulmonary edema is caused by:

conditions related to the heart (cardiogenic), including: very high hypertension (hypertensive crisis) heart failure heart rhythm irregularity (arrhythmia) too fast heart rhythm etc. conditions not related to heart disease (non-cardiogenic): renal failure consumption aspirin excessive consumption of heroin high doses of acute respiratory distress syndrome pleural effusion etc.

Meanwhile, pleural effusion is a disease in the form of a buildup of fluid between the two layers of the lining of the lungs called the pleura. Symptoms of a pleural effusion include shortness of breath, chest pain when inhaling / exhaling, coughing, and fever. Pleural effusions can be caused by a variety of conditions:

pulmonary tuberculosis (TB) pneumonia (wet lung) heart failure disease decreased liver function (cirrhosis of the liver) lung cancer etc. To ascertain the cause of pleural effusion that occurs, the doctor will usually conduct an examination by means of aspiration / taking the pleural effusion fluid.

Regarding your question, about what the actual disease experienced by your in-laws, you should ask and consult the doctor who treats your in-laws, because he is the one who knows more about your in-laws condition. We cannot confirm what disease your in-laws are experiencing based solely on the information you provide, without seeing and directly examining your father-in-law. The doctor who treats your in-laws certainly knows more about your in-laws' complaints, he has also conducted direct examinations with your in-laws, knows the results of the supporting examinations that have been done (for example blood lab results, X-rays, CT-Scan, etc.) , and know the progress of your in-laws disease from day to day.

If your in-laws experience severe shortness of breath, immediately contact the nurse on duty or the doctor on duty (if currently your in-laws are still being treated). If at this time your in-laws have been outpatient and then there are complaints of the same tightness, getting worse, or prolonged, immediately check with the doctor who previously handled your in-laws or to the nearest Emergency Room.

That's all, hope it helps and hopefully it can be understood.

Greetings, dr. Denisa

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