Fluid Out Of The Left Breast After Tumor Surgery On The Breast?

Excuse me doctor 4 days ago I operated on the left breast tumor, but the results of the analysis are not yet known, But 3 days after returning, if I squeeze the right nipple came out clear white liquid like water, is that dangerous, or the effect of the drug yes doctor

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Tumors in the breast there are many possible causes, ranging from skin infections, cysts, abscesses, fibroadenomas, cancer, and so on. Ensuring this type of tumor needs to be done through a series of comprehensive examinations, including physical examination, biopsy, ultrasound, mammography, and so on. In this way, the potential for malignant tumors can be detected early, and treated properly before spreading and causing more serious complications. Not only that, this detection is also an important function so that treatment can be carried out on target and complaints are resolved.

A clear discharge from the nipple does not always indicate something dangerous. This clear liquid can come from sweat secreted by sweat glands around the nipples. It could also, this clear liquid is actually breast milk (breast milk) that comes out due to excessive nipple stimulation, hormonal fluctuations, side effects of drugs, and various other factors.

Need to clarify beforehand, how much liquid is coming out? Are there other complaints that you experience, such as pain, swelling, changes in the structure of the breast skin, and so on?

In some rare conditions, it can also, clear discharge from the nipple as you experience due to an illness, can be related to breast tumors that you experience, pituitary gland tumors, and so on. To be clear about the cause of your complaint, it does not hurt you to see yourself early to see a doctor or surgeon who operated on you before.

In the meantime, you should never squeeze or over-stimulate your nipples. Bathe diligently, and clean your nipples well. Do not forget, use a bra and clothes that are clean and not too tight in order to minimize excessive irritation to the breast.

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