Fluid Out Of The Nose When Exhaling And Laughing?

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Hello, I’m a 24 year old woman. I want to ask why yes, when I exhale or chuckle I often release fluid in my nose (not thick) even though I don’t have the flu and my nose doesn’t feel anything either. What is the cause and how to overcome it?

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The discharge from the nose is called rhinorrhea. Rhinorrhea can occur due to various causes, colds or inflammation of the nose due to viral infections is indeed one of the most common causes. However, there are still many other possibilities, including:

allergic rhinitis

non-allergic rhinitis, for example nasal irritation due to excessive air pollution, cigarette smoke, certain sharp odors
excessive use of nasal spray
Other abnormalities in the nose, such as deviation of the nasal septum, nasal polyps, the presence of foreign objects entering the nose
migraine headaches
cluster headache
dry air
leakage of brain fluid

To be able to find out the exact cause, a nose examination must be performed. We recommend that you consult your condition to the ENT doctor so that your nasal cavity can be examined and seen directly.

For now, you can try to look for triggers for discharge from your nose, such as whether the discharge comes out when you are in a cold place, when you smell a particular odor, when you breathe cigarette smoke, just before menstruation, does the discharge come with a headache, and etc.

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