Fluid Out When 7 Months Pregnant Which Makes Uncomfortable And Worried

Illustration of Fluid Out When 7 Months Pregnant Which Makes Uncomfortable And Worried
Illustration: Fluid Out When 7 Months Pregnant Which Makes Uncomfortable And Worried

Daytime dock. Doc I want to ask. I’m pregnant, Doc. Since I was 7 months old until now, I have entered 9 months, why does it feel like discharge comes out like pus, thick lumps like spring roll, brownish yellow, and itching around the intimate area, Doc? I’m getting worried. With the covid-19 pandemic I went to the doctor for a checkup. Please answer yes Doc. Thank you

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Hello Aya, thank you for consulting us on HealthReplies.com.

Brownish-yellow, smelly and itchy liquids, including health conditions, such as:

fungal infections: fungal growth in the vagina that is acted like discharge white fluid, odorless or not, pain when in contact, Miss V's lips are swollen, pain and itching of the pubic area, and burning sensation in sensitive areas when urinating.

bacterial vaginosis: symptomatically with itching around the female area, grayish white discharge, and pain during urination

Trochomoniasis: bacteria that live in the vagina that are generally infected during sexual intercourse, symptoms include the appearance of yellowish-green foamy, foul-smelling, itching and burning during sexual intercourse

cervicitis or inflammation of the cervix

All of the above conditions are greatly affected due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, but in some pregnant women with insufficient immunity the symptoms can appear. Handling and prevention of these conditions is certainly intended that the infection does not rise above and can affect the health of the fetus, so that premature birth can be prevented as early as possible. Therefore direct consultation will be better so that it can be handled as soon as possible. Or you can also consult with a number of obstetricians in the HealthReplies.com service so you can consult directly without having to meet. However, if you choose to see an expert doctor directly, then we recommend keeping your distance from other patients while in the waiting room, wearing a mask, and always washing your hands with soap both before and after consultation.

While what you can do at home to prevent your condition from getting worse, you can do:

Wear cotton underwear to reduce humidity in the pubic area
if it feels wet or too damp then you should replace the panties with new and clean ones
flush the genitals from front to back to prevent the spread of bacteria from the anus to the pubic area
consume enough water to remove toxins and bacteria from the body
do urinating regularly
Avoid overuse of pads, tisue, or strong scented soap to treat your female area

So that we can convey, hopefully can help.

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