Fluid Outside The Womb Is Accompanied By 5 Months Late Menstruation?

Illustration of Fluid Outside The Womb Is Accompanied By 5 Months Late Menstruation?
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good afternoon doctor ,,,, u003cbr u003I am a woman aged 30 yrs u003cbr u003es I want to ask, 3 months ago I was an obstetrician in the womb because it was 5 months ago I did not menstruate. I was indeed sitting down but was immediately treated to a masseuse. u003cbr u003At the time when the ultrasound yesterday I was diagnosed with fluid outside the uterus but I had no other health problems. not dizzy u003cbr u003 pain or something else. The doctor is also confused with my case. u003cbr u003first, now my body has changes like a pregnant person, enlarged breasts, body fat

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Hello Rodiatam, thank you for asking.

Basically, cases of sitting down are not related to menstrual problems. The normal menstrual cycle is 21-35 days. If the distance between your 2 menstruation is longer or shorter than the two numbers, it can be said that you experience menstrual disorders. Menstruation that does not go on for more than 3 months is said to be amenorrhea. Amenorrhea can be caused by various things, especially by imbalance of reproductive hormones. These hormonal disorders may also cause changes in breast size and weight gain.

Apart from hormonal imbalances, other causes may also cause menstrual disorders, for example:

Psychic stress.
Prolonged physical fatigue.
Effects of hormonal contraception
The effect of certain drugs.
Eating disorders.
Abnormal weight.
Hormone disorders other than reproductive hormones.
Problems in the reproductive organs such as uterine myomas, ovarian cysts, and endometriosis.
Chronic disease.

Have you consulted your obstetrician again? You can also ask for a second opinion from another obstetrician. Generally doctors must do an ultrasound and if necessary do a hormone level check. Therapy of course depends on the cause suspected by the doctor. If the problem is in the form of hormonal disorders, the doctor will provide hormone therapy to balance. Please remember not to take any medication without doctor's advice and do not massage the abdomen.

Hopefully this answer is quite useful. Regards.

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