Foamy Stools For 37 Days Old Baby?

Illustration of Foamy Stools For 37 Days Old Baby?
Illustration: Foamy Stools For 37 Days Old Baby? Bing

Hi, my son is 37 days old and full of breast milk. I want to ask :rn1. Isn’t it normal, Baby, if the chapter is always foamy / foamy, sometimes liquid but there are grains and often capicirite?rn2. Is it dangerous if the baby often chokes while breastfeeding? What are the characteristics of breast milk entering the lungs?rn3. Why does a baby like to sleep like he wants to vomit (nausea2)?rnThank you

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Hi Mr Anjas,

CHAPTER for breastfed babies can vary, from 3-8 times a day, some even defecate 2-3 times a week. As long as your baby is gaining weight, seems active and healthy, it's usually nothing to worry about. Babies breast milk is generally golden yellow or brownish like a paste, liquid slightly granular.

Foamy or green bowel movements can be caused by an imbalance between foremilk consumption and hindmilk. Foremilk is the lactose-rich breast milk that sits in the front of the breast, which is sucked in first during breastfeeding. Hindmilk is breast milk that is rich in fat and nutrients. Lack of hindmilk consumption can be caused by not breastfeeding one breast until it runs out before moving to the other breast. This can be circumvented by pumping breast milk or breastfeeding on one breast until the breast is exhausted before moving breasts.

Babies who often choke can certainly be dangerous. If enough milk enters the respiratory tract, it can cause aspiration pneumonia which can harm the baby. Signs of breast milk entering the lungs if a little may be asymptomatic, but if a lot can cause shortness of breath, blue skin and even death. If it causes an infection, a fever may occur.

To avoid choking, you should:

Position the baby in a comfortable position, keep the head slightly higher than the body. If using a pacifier, use it at an age-appropriate position. If the flow of milk is too heavy, try pumping first. If choking or difficulty appears, stop immediately and gently pat the baby. take your baby to a lactation clinic to have the cause checked. Babies who vomit when put to sleep may be because the baby has not been burped after feeding. It is recommended that after feeding, hold the baby upright and the baby's chin on your shoulder. Gently pat his back until he burps. After that just lay down. But if vomiting persists, call your pediatrician.


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