Follow-up After The TORCH Test?

Illustration of Follow-up After The TORCH Test?
Illustration: Follow-up After The TORCH Test?

Good evening, r n r nI was curated on May 02, 2018 because BO was 13weeks. On May 3, 2018 I did the TORCH test. The results are as follows: r n r nAnti Toxo igg positive cons 125 r nAnti Toxo igm negative r nAnti Rubella igg positive cons 86.3 r nAnti Rubella igm negative r nAnti CMV high positive cons 245.4 r nAnti CMV igm negative r nAnti HSV 1 igg positive r nAnti HSV 1 igm negative r nAnti HSV 2 igg and igm negative r n r n Of the four tests igG positive. The doctor said it was possible that my BO was due to one of them. As far as I know igG means that I have been infected in the past but not now. R nI want to ask if therapy is needed with the test results so that yesterday’s BO cases don’t recur? R nThank you for your attention.

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Good morning, thanks for asking at The TORCH test is a test performed to determine a person's body status against TORCH disease. TORCH stands for several disease names, namely Toxoplasmosis, Other (HIV / AIDS, Syphilis, etc.), Rubella, Cytomegalovirus (CMV) and Herpes simplex. This test is important for women, especially those who are or are pregnant, because the risk of this disease is transmitted to the fetus that is very large. And when it is contagious, this disease can cause disability in various parts of the body either while still in the womb, after birth, or even during childhood.

Regarding your case, the cause of the blighted ovum (BO) is still unknown. Couples who do not have any problems may suddenly experience BO and partners who have many risk factors may not experience it. So it is okay for your doctor to conclude your history of infection as a risk factor for BO. But you are also right, that IgG indicates an infection that occurred in the past. For ongoing infections, a positive IgM result is shown.

Therefore, in our opinion you do not need to undergo special treatment for this condition. Because as you can read in more detail yourself by clicking on each disease name above, in women who are not pregnant, both toxoplasma, rubella, and CMV are not dangerous because the immune system can handle it over time.

Besides that, BO really can't be prevented. But on the bright side, the majority of women with a history of BO will still be able to carry a healthy fetus until delivery and having this history does not necessarily increase your risk for developing BO in the next pregnancy.

Therefore our advice for you now, discuss with your doctor how long you have to wait until you can finally get pregnant again. During that range, and also during pregnancy, always maintain a healthy lifestyle by avoiding cigarette smoke and stress, taking pregnancy vitamins, eating nutrient-rich foods, getting adequate rest, and exercising regularly. We wish you and your family good health.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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