Follow-up Question, Chipped Feet?

Illustration of Follow-up Question, Chipped Feet?
Illustration: Follow-up Question, Chipped Feet?

Can I get HIV from walking barefoot, and my feet are peeling skin and bleeding a little

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Hi Ahmadsulthan10 .. Thanks for the question given.

HIV is a virus that attacks a person's immune system so that it is easy to become infected with a disease. Transmission itself can occur through:

blood (for example: an open wound, blood transfusion)
Through sharing needles with HIV-infected people
Through sex because it can be transmitted through sperm or vaginal fluids
Through breast milk

If at that time there is an open wound on your leg and it causes an open wound, it is not certain that you are infected with HIV if there is no exposure to blood, sperm, vaginal fluids from an HIV infected person. And HIV transmission cannot be transmitted through sharing toilets, sharing eating utensils, shaking hands. Therefore, if you are sure that there is no direct contact with the media for HIV transmission then you don't need to worry too much. Also take care of your health and the wound on the leg should be cleaned and cared for so that it can recover quickly. Don't forget that the wound can be covered with sterile gauze to avoid dirt and don't forget to use footwear.

Read also article: HIV

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