Food Abstinence For 6 Months Pregnant Women?

Illustration of Food Abstinence For 6 Months Pregnant Women?
Illustration: Food Abstinence For 6 Months Pregnant Women?

I want to ask. If you are 6 months pregnant May not for pregnant women consume crab foods, half-cooked eggs, durian. There is a risk of bad food and drinks and food that is not good for consumption for pregnant women 6 months y. and what is good for consumption y. Anything that is not good d do for pregnant women 6 months. If drugs that are not good d consume during 6 months pregnant.

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Pregnancy is a momentum that awaited by all families, especially young couples or who are just facing their first pregnancy. Thus, undergoing a healthy pregnancy and the fetus in a healthy condition. So that good and healthy care is sought for the mother and fetus, by maintaining the goodness of the food and drinks consumed.
If you are currently in pregnancy, and you want to know some things that you can do to take care of your health and that of your fetus or you are worried about some things that you might often encounter with your pregnancy, in general, important steps you can take are consume 4 healthy foods 5 perfectly by cooking independently and avoiding physical fatigue during pregnancy.
Regarding your question:
1. Can you consume crabs, half-cooked eggs, and durian while 6 months pregnant? consuming these foods is generally allowed, but may not be excessive and may not be too frequent. As long as you do not have a history of food allergies and intolerance to these foods, it doesn't hurt you to consume them. However, remember, do not overdo it, in the sense, inadequate consumption, such as crab only one crab, per day, and if you want more, can be repeated a few weeks later. Durian, you can consume 3 contents of durian, as a reliever of desire to consume it.
2. Is there a risk of consuming food and drinks that are not good for 6 months pregnant women? the entry of food and drinks that are not good and enter into digestion, it can affect the digestive health of pregnant women. This can risk causing side effects:
a. stomach upset
b. food poisoning
c. diarrhea
d. excessive blood sugar
e. allergy
f. excess maternal weight gain
g. rise in blood pressure during pregnancy
so consuming healthy foods and recommended by your doctor becomes an important step in maintaining health during pregnancy

3. What is good for pregnant women aged 6 months? whether during pregnancy or not, 4 healthy 5 perfect food is a good effort for you to do. Cooking alone or consuming food at home will help control the composition of food and the type of food consumed. Fibrous foods, fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, milk are foods that you can consume well and regularly and varied. Limit instant food and drinks in your daily food menu.
4. What are not good to do pregnant women aged 6 months?
a. often stressed
b. lack of sleep
c. lack of healthy food and water intake
d. consume foods that interfere with digestion, such as spicy, instant foods or foods high in salt and MSG
f. lack of stretching and breathing exercises
g. physical exhaustion
h. excessive work without adjusting to body conditions

5. What medicines should not be taken by pregnant women aged 6 months?
 namely drugs that are obtained independently without a doctor's prescription. So if you have a health complaint, you should immediately consult with your doctor. Some drugs that are safe for consumption by pregnant women and can be purchased freely at pharmacies are paracetamol for fever medication and to reduce complaints of mild pain.

Therefore, in general you can consume foods and drinks that are healthy and you normally consume. And if you are worried, you should not consume it. Likewise with drugs, you cannot consume drugs freely without direct supervision from your doctor. So visit your doctor if you feel a disturbing complaint and you need medication for recovery.
Thus the info we can convey.

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