Food Abstinence For People With Adenomyosis And Cysts?

Illustration of Food Abstinence For People With Adenomyosis And Cysts?
Illustration: Food Abstinence For People With Adenomyosis And Cysts?

Hello doctor r nI am 39 years old (in October 2018, I am turning 40 years old) and I am not married and have never had sexual relations. I have never been sick during my period. Yesterday, May 8 2018, I was recognized on ultrasound, had an andenomosis of 3.9 cm and a 4.12 cm cyst. My question: r n1. What foods should I not eat? R n2. What foods should I eat to shrink andenomosiosis and cysts? R n3. What medicine is right for me? I don’t want surgery. R nThank you.

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Hello Mrs. Dinijung,

Adenomyosis occurs when endometrial tissue, which normally lines the inside of the uterus, grows on the muscle of the uterus. This misplaced endometrial tissue will grow and shed like the endometrial tissue in general during the menstrual cycle. However, because the place is not suitable, the uterus can become enlarged and painful, as well as menstruation that is very heavy and takes longer.

The cause of adenomyosis is not fully known, but the disease goes away after menopause. Medicines may help relieve the symptoms, but adenomyosis cannot be cured unless the uterus is removed (hysterectomy).

There are no certain foods that can cause cysts and adenomyosis to heal, because the cause itself is not certain. There is also no known medication to shrink ovarian cysts and cure adenomyosis, but painkillers can help relieve pain during menstruation.

Ovarian cysts are functional, some are pathological. Functional cysts originate from the process of the menstrual cycle, and pathological cysts are cysts caused by abnormal cell growth. Usually a cyst, if suspected physiologically, less than 5 cm, no symptoms and not accompanied by other abnormalities, will be evaluated with periodic monitoring for several months to monitor its progress. If it gets bigger or causes symptoms then surgery is recommended.

At this time, you can follow the procedures recommended by your gynecologist because every recommended procedure has already been considered good and bad for you. Stay positive, and find as much information as possible about your disease on your doctor and from trusted sources.


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