Food Abstinence For Sufferers Of Prolonged Cough Due To Allergies

Illustration of Food Abstinence For Sufferers Of Prolonged Cough Due To Allergies
Illustration: Food Abstinence For Sufferers Of Prolonged Cough Due To Allergies

, my mother has been coughing for about 1 year and after being examined turned out she was allergic. What kind of food can my mother eat, and the cooking process cannot be fried? Thank you

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Allergies occur due to a person's immune reaction to certain substances, which generally do not cause the same reaction in other people. Basically allergy-triggering substances are not dangerous substances, but in sensitive people, excessive immune reactions can occur.

Why in one person an allergic reaction can occur to certain substances while others do not, this is not yet known exactly; but this is thought to be closely related to genetic factors inherited (hereditary factors). People who suffer from allergies usually have a family history of allergies.

Allergy triggers are called allergens, which can be in the form of house dust mites (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus), pollen, food and even drugs. Allergy types and clinical manifestations that occur also vary, there are in the form of allergic rhinitis, asthma, atopic dermatitis or allergic contact dermatitis. The most severe and life-threatening form of allergy if not treated immediately is anaphylactic shock, which is commonly triggered by drugs.

Allergies experienced by your mother need to be traced first, both from the type of allergies and allergens that trigger it. If this is related to food allergies, the manifestations of allergic reactions that occur, be it itchy skin rashes, itching in the mouth, throat and eyes, swelling of the face, runny nose and nasal congestion, coughing, shortness of breath and so on, usually triggered by food allergens consumed a few minutes to two hours before.

Are such things ever experienced by him, this needs to be explored carefully. Because every allergic sufferer and his or her family knows as much as possible what allergens are triggering the allergic reaction, which is specific between individuals. If you need to make special notes.

This is important, also related to the next question, which is about what foods need to be avoided. If there is a history as described above, then the main abstinence is food that triggers an allergic reaction. In general, foods that can trigger food allergies are seafood products (oysters, crabs, shrimps, lobsters), old fish, skipjack, eggs and chicken meat (in certain people) or beans. . While fried foods or foods with saturated fat content itself are not too related to allergic reactions, but should not be consumed in excess for other health reasons, such as diabetes mellitus, obesity or dyslipidemia.

In addition, if the allergy he experiences is not triggered by a food allergen, it should be noted and noted, what things trigger it, whether due to exposure to house dust (which can contain allergic dust mites) or because of pollen. Every form of allergy has a trigger and that is what needs to be avoided.

For a definite diagnosis of allergies, anamnesis (interview) or physical examination should be carried out specifically by the doctor, and if allergy testing is needed on the skin or blood test. Allergy treatment can only be done through prescription by a doctor, especially the use of corticosteroids. For handling at home, avoid allergic triggers. In addition, you should avoid consuming seafood products, nuts, skipjack fish or old fish.

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