Food Abstinence In Cancer Sufferers?

Illustration of Food Abstinence In Cancer Sufferers?
Illustration: Food Abstinence In Cancer Sufferers?

Excuse me, permission to ask. Are there things that must be considered in the consumption of food for cancer sufferers. Then for fat, what should be avoided for a long time. I read in the article that fat should be avoided, namely trans and saturated fats that are indeed fried oil. Does the use of cooking oil need to be replaced with oil that contains unsaturated fat? Please help. thank you

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Hello Gilang, thank you for asking

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Cancer is the growth of uncontrolled tissue in an organ. Cancer is a very dangerous and worrying disease, but some of them are found to be cured such as breast, cervical, etc.

In the signs and symptoms of cancer itself is actually not specific. Symptoms can be just a mild cough pain or cough, to bleeding, or severe pain depending on the type of cancer itself. In its treatment, not all cancers can be removed / carried by chemo therapy.

For the cancer patient's diet program, the truth is that there is still very little literature on this subject. The goal is given a diet of food in cancer patients is dependent on the capacity of these patients (excessive nausea, the effects of surgery, etc.), and prevent weight loss from falling dramatically.

Giving the right carbohydrates and protein is needed by the body for the regeneration of the body's cells. Besides this type of food should adjust to the ability to swallow the patient, if it is difficult to swallow it is advisable for patients to consume soft or liquid food, regarding the selection of oil there are no specific guidelines in this case for cancer sufferers, which suggests is not to use oil too often to fry repeatedly ( used cooking) because it is one of the carcinogens or substances that can cause cancer.

Right now what you can do is:

For an explanation, and an accurate calculation of a good diet for cancer sufferers, see a clinical nutrition specialist doctor.
Avoid baked / roasted food (lots of carcinogens) - it is recommended to boil the stew.
Avoid preserved / preservative foods (like canned drinks, chikis, etc.).
Avoid alcohol consumption and smoking.
Avoid eating spicy, because it is suspected that irritation that occurs when spicy causes excessive nausea and can cause blood vessel dilation, risking to make cancer easily spread.
Support / seek moral support for cancer sufferers, because this is a serious disease.

That's all for me.

Thank you good luck always :)

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