Food Abstinence In Sufferers Of FAM (Fibroadenoma Mammae)?

Illustration of Food Abstinence In Sufferers Of FAM (Fibroadenoma Mammae)?
Illustration: Food Abstinence In Sufferers Of FAM (Fibroadenoma Mammae)?

What are the restrictions for food for fam? What vegetables and fruit can be eaten for fam? I am confused whether I want surgery or not because there are many operations but the lumps appear again. Please answer, thanks

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Mammary fibroadenoma or FAM is one of the breast lumps or benign tumors in the breast most often encountered in women ranging from adolescence to adulthood. generally lumps that are firmly demarcated fam, and not painful. Until now, the exact cause and mechanism of FAM formation are not yet known, but so far it is believed that the formation of FAM is closely related to fluctuations in hormonal levels in a woman's body, especially in relation to the hormone estrogen.

Just like other breast lumps, to be able to diagnose the lump is a FAM is a medical interview with a doctor, direct physical examination, and if necessary with supporting examinations in the form of breast mammography, breast ultrasound, and biopsy. with the main objective to find out and make sure the lump is not a cancer, and if it is a cancer in order to get the right handling and appropriate.

The handling of FAM is generally done by surgery or surgery to remove the lump, but it depends on each individual and is not a necessity and after removal of the lump, it does not rule out the possibility for the FAM to be re-formed. Generally the size of the FAM can change and shrink by itself, but it is necessary to carry out regular monitoring and inspection related to changes in the size and consistency of the lump. In general, there are no specific dietary restrictions related to FAM cases, all you have to do is maintain a healthy lifestyle, maintain a regular eating pattern, consume foods rich in fiber, drink lots of water, and limit fatty foods, and manage stress so that hormonal fluctuations in the body are more stable

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