Food Abstinence On Swollen Lymph Nodes?

Illustration of Food Abstinence On Swollen Lymph Nodes?
Illustration: Food Abstinence On Swollen Lymph Nodes?

, I am a woman, age 30. I suffer from Glandular TB. There is a lump in the left neck of 2bh. One lump has been biopsy with open surgery. After checking in the laboratory, it turned out that TB gland was positive. I started taking TB medicine on May 1, 2019 (taking it every day, dose 1×3). The last few days a new lump appeared on my right neck. Pain if held. Or if you look right / left it hurts too. Who wants to ask, is it normal for a new lump to appear, even though I have started taking medication since May 1? Can it disappear after a few weeks? Or should I immediately control my internal medicine doctor again? Is there any food that I should avoid so that there is no more swelling of my lymph nodes? Thank you.

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Hello Ilham,

The presence of a lump in the right neck is a sign of several diseases, ranging from mild to serious illness. A direct examination is needed to determine the cause of the lump, whether it is directly related to the TB gland disease that you are experiencing or is a sign of another disease that is also marked by a lump in the neck.

Here are some reasons for complaints of a lump in the neck:

infection. The most common types of infections that cause lumps in the neck include bacterial infections that cause glandular TB, or viral infections that cause mumps. Other infections that also often cause these complaints are ear and / or throat infections, herpes simplex, and chickenpox. enlargement of the thyroid gland or mumps. This disease is related to hormonal changes in the blood. side effects of certain drugs autoimmune diseases In general, swelling of lymph nodes is caused by infection or cancer. If the cause is an infection, the patient needs to take antibiotics to the finish. While in the case of cancer, treatment that needs to be done in the form of chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery. Until now there is no specific food or drink that needs to be avoided to treat the disease.

The lump that you are currently experiencing can not be ascertained whether it can disappear by itself. In the case of mumps or mumps it can disappear by itself. therefore doctors need to ascertain in advance why.

for now you should pay attention to the presence or absence of other symptoms that accompany your complaint such as difficulty swallowing, weakness, hoarseness, fever or other complaints. if necessary noted and do a direct examination to the doctor of internal medicine. You are not advised to stop the medication that you are currently taking.

as for some signs of a lump in the neck need serious attention including:

lumps accompanied by redness of pain when touched enlarged in a short time tightness or difficulty swallowing difficulty speaking high fever changes in the sound of significant weight loss if there are these symptoms you should immediately see a doctor yes. so hopefully useful

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