Food Allergies Derived From Animals.?

Illustration of Food Allergies Derived From Animals.?
Illustration: Food Allergies Derived From Animals.?

Hello, I learned from West Brass, it is easy to come up, I have a history of allergies from marine animals, boyler chickens + eggs, etc … Trs, my legs have almost recurred, usually relapsing only suppuration, frying, and then healed, this is skin it was red, it was gatel, already widening on the instep of 2 “it, every time a white item appeared bumped hard, the pain was later in cramps (pus time too) .. Already fed to the midwife many times ” just relieved, did not heal the total on the instep .. Thanks in advance.🙏

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Hello, Wisdom.

Diseases of the skin can consist of various causes. From the circumstances that you experience, the appearance of itchy red and black patches, accompanied by the appearance of pus may be caused by impetigo. Impetigo is a condition that is caused by a bacterial infection of the skin, it can occur if you often scratch that part. Maybe the beginning was caused due to an allergy to a food, then when scratched or hygiene is less awake it can cause bacterial infections. Impetigo can cause symptoms such as the appearance of festering red bumps, pain, and pain if it is severe can be felt up to the groin. Impetigo requires treatment from a doctor directly.

But besides that, the situation that you experience can also be caused by other causes such as:

scabies / scabies
fungal infection

therefore, to ascertain the cause of your condition, it is advisable to check directly with a dermatologist, so that the doctor can examine and provide the right medication for you. It is important not to take any medication, and do not scratch the area.

The following article you can read about Impetigo

may be useful. thank you

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