Food For A 7 Month Baby With A Fever?

Illustration of Food For A 7 Month Baby With A Fever?
Illustration: Food For A 7 Month Baby With A Fever?

Hello, my child is having a fever, about how many doses of paracetamol for babies aged 7 months before 8 months ..?

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Paracetamol is an antipyretic and analgesic drug, which can be used to relieve minor pain and reduce fever. Fever in children, when the child's body temperature reaches more than 37.5 degrees Celsius. Paracetamol is classified as over-the-counter drugs, which can be purchased without a prescription.

To reduce fever the dose of paracetamol in children can be given based on body weight and age. The dose given is 10-15 mg / kg body weight every 4-6 hours and or the maximum total daily dose: 75 mg / kg / day does not exceed 3750 mg / day. For example, the minimum dose given to children weighing 10 kg, namely, 10 x 10 = 100, the dose given to children is 100 mg each and the administration can be repeated every 4 or 6 hours depending on the needs of the child.

Or based on age, children 6-24 months of age may be given paracetamol 120 mg every 4-6 hours. In other words, your 7 month old baby can be given paracetamol at a dose of 120mg and can be given every 4 hours (or 6 times in 24 hours) if the fever has not subsided. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the paracetamol preparation you buy, the paracetamol dosage can be different, for example the available paracetamol, for example:

Paracetasml 120 mg / 5 ml syrup, 160 mg / 5ml syrup, and 250 mg / 5 ml syrup

Paracetamol drops 100 mg / ml oral drops

Therefore, use paracetamol with the right dose and dose so that it can effectively help reduce fever in your baby. However, if the fever does not improve and continues, or other complaints arise that make the baby fussy, and lazy to breastfeed, you should immediately consult your baby's health to the nearest pediatrician.

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