Food For Children Who Have Thrush?

Illustration of Food For Children Who Have Thrush?
Illustration: Food For Children Who Have Thrush?

Good evening doctor, I am Veronica, a mother from 1 ank, a 1.5 year old woman, would like to ask about what menu can stimulate children to get canker sores and not having an appetite, I have used the natural way by giving vitamins / pain medication or by persuading so that you want to eat and not vomit / spit the food out, and want to ask if a child of that age is allowed to eat vegetables seasoned with a little pepper / nutmeg to taste? Because I don’t like menus that don’t taste less nutritious like only clear vegetables, that’s why I often change foods like adult menus such as soup, soup, meatballs, etc … the important thing is that she likes it and doesn’t cause digestive disorders like diarrhea. R nPlease also inform me what vitamins / supplements are best for children of her age so they want to eat well and give weight gain because my ankle is 1.5 years old and weighs only 8kg, even if you like to eat she eats a lot, but the interval is more than 2- 3 hours immediately puft. R n r nSuch as my questions and complaints. R n r nPlease explain and help please. R n r nRgds, r nVeronica

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Hello Veronica, Thank you for the question.

Experiencing thrush in the mouth is not fun because when someone eats or drinks it can cause discomfort and pain. Thrush can be caused by injuries to the oral cavity, poor oral hygiene, viral infections, food allergies, or nutritional deficiencies (vitamin B12, folic acid, iron, zinc). You can use topical drugs sold in pharmacies to reduce pain in thrush. Make sure you follow the recommendations according to the packaging. Basically you can give your child whatever food you like, preferring foods that are soup and soft so as not to cause pain in canker sores. Also avoid giving sour, spicy and salty foods and giving chips and the like. Provide a variety of foods that are high in nutrients such as vegetables, fruits, and nuts. You can also ice pack the canker sores to reduce pain. In general, thrush will heal on its own, but if this symptom persists for more than 2 weeks, please have your child checked by a doctor.

Children who have difficulty eating are faced by many parents, but you must try to respond to this well. Recognize the problem of your child having difficulty eating, whether your child refuses to eat at all, only eats certain foods, only eats one type of food, or refuses his favorite food / drink. You can try to do the following suggestions:

take your child to eat with the family. You can provide food that the family eats if your child is able to chew properly, let your child eat alone, use attractive eating utensils, give 1-2 types of food to children in small portions, don't force the child to eat so that the child is not traumatized. consistently give healthy snacks to your children such as fruit, boiled vegetables. Avoid children from television or toys while eating. Make sure your child consumes foods that contain carbohydrates, protein, milk, fruit and vegetables. Handling children who have difficulty eating does require patience. Do not despair at first, please try everything you can, including increasing the variety of food to attract your child's attention to food. If you are still worried about your child's nutrition, don't hesitate to consult a doctor.

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