Food For Patients With Spots In Children Aged 2 Years

Illustration of Food For Patients With Spots In Children Aged 2 Years
Illustration: Food For Patients With Spots In Children Aged 2 Years

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A history of pulmonary spots in children aged 2 years, may be related to the presence of infection in the lung or lower respiratory system. Spots itself is a term that describes the presence of white spots not normal in the radiological picture of the lung. These spots are called infiltrates in the lungs caused by inflammation and lung infections. In the community developing the term lung spots that give an indication of pulmonary TB infection. However, besides pulmonary tuberculosis, several other lung infections can also give a picture of the spots on the lungs.

To determine the cause of lung spots, the doctor who treats your child will confirm it, either from a radiological picture that has been done or based on physical examination and other supporting examinations such as sputum examination or supporting examination of the Mantoux test. If indications of TB infection are not found, bacteriological examination and antibiotic sensitivity can be planned.

Whenever your doctor is currently making sure, that complaints experienced by your child are caused by lung spots, then this condition can be accompanied by several complaints that may be experienced as well, such as:

Weight did not go up or weight went down
Cough for a long time
Coughing up blood
A cold sweat
Chest pain

Treatment will be given according to the cause of lung spots.

And if at this time, your child is in the period of treatment and treatment by your doctor, then during the period of treatment and care, it is expected that you can help the recovery of children's health well, one of them with health promotion efforts, such as:

Children do not experience physical fatigue due to play
Sleep enough children in one day and do not usually sleep late
Meet the nutritional needs of children, carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Increasing consumption of any fruit and vegetables is good, so there are no restrictions or special suggestions for fruit that can be given to your child. You can provide guava, oranges, watermelons (if after consuming them, cough more, then limit consumption of watermelons), apples, pears, bananas or all kinds of fruit that your child likes
Sufficient body fluid needs, both with water, milk, or premium milk such as milk brands that you submit
Avoiding foods that increase sick complaints, such as avoiding oily eating, instant foods, packaged foods
Take medication regularly according to your doctor's recommendations

Therefore, to help the nutritional status and help the recovery process, the addition of whole milk or packaged milk can be given. Most importantly, give milk in packages as needed and not too much. And what is worth noting is, the milk that your child drinks either powdered milk or premium milk cannot clean spots in the lungs, but consuming milk and nutritious foods will help recovery and help the process of treating lung spots. Lung spots will disappear if the infection of the lungs can be treated according to treatment guidelines. If the treatment that has been planned by your doctor is not well undertaken, then there is a risk of spots on your child's lungs that will heal longer.

Therefore, continuing treatment from a doctor regularly, and meeting the needs of healthy nutrition, any fruit or vegetable as well as providing additional formula milk or other premium milk (such as the milk brand that you submit) becomes a continuous effort to help remedy complaints felt by children You.

And you should discuss all of this with your doctor, because it is your doctor who better understands the clinical condition of your child and is the best for you during the recovery period.

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