Food For People With Stomach Acid?

Illustration of Food For People With Stomach Acid?
Illustration: Food For People With Stomach Acid?

morning, can people with stomach acid consume chicken stew and porridge? thanks

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High stomach acid disease or magh is caused by poor eating patterns, such as late eating habits and habits of consuming irritating foods, such as chili, food flavoring, food preservatives, acidic foods, coffee, alcohol and others.
Basically, it is no problem for people with stomach acid to consume chicken stew and porridge as long as it is not excessive. Excess here means that to eat directly in large portions, this should be avoided. It's best to eat small but frequent meals.
Besides the portion of the meal, it is important to pay attention not to consume spicy chicken stew and too sweet. This is because people with stomach acid have to limit their consumption of chili and soy sauce. Why soy? Because soy sauce contains water, sugar, salt, modified starch, garlic, flavor enhancers, monosodium glutamate, vinegar, herbs and preservatives. It can be concluded that in soy sauce there are acids, preservatives and food flavorings that can increase stomach acid production and irritate the gastric mucosa.
Likewise with porridge, as long as it does not contain chili and excessive food flavoring, it is quite safe for you to consume.
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