Food For TB Sufferers.?

Illustration of Food For TB Sufferers.?
Illustration: Food For TB Sufferers.?

Afternoon doctor, I want it .. Can you do it with the disease, but the vegetable stir-fried water spinach with fish, tempeh sauce, tofu using big chili and tomato sauce ???

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Tuberculosis is a lung infection disease caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. Typical symptoms in adult pulmonary TB are long-lasting coughing, mild fever, weight loss, sweating, especially at night. In children, can also be accompanied by symptoms of growth failure and bone swelling.

Some literature states that dietary recommendations for people with lung disease are:

High-protein foods (to increase the regeneration of damaged body cells in the context of healing) Low-carbohydrate foods (carbohydrates can cause CO2 increase, which can reduce lung oxygen levels, resulting in tightness) Low salt (to prevent fluid buildup in the lungs) Low milk (Calcium breakdown products can increase phlegm production) Avoid soda (soda can increase the production of digestive gas so that it will cause abdominal stomach and feel more congested) Limit spicy and acidic foods (to prevent stomach pain and stomach acid reflux which will increase discomfort. So, based on this, the food menu you mentioned there is actually no prohibition to consume it in people with TB, provided that the composition of the ingredients is carefully considered, as much as possible adjusted to food recommendations for people with lung disease, for example in the menu you mentioned so as not to use excessive salt, t not too spicy, etc.

To better ensure that the right food is consumed by people with TB, it should be discussed again with the doctor who examined, to be truly adapted to the current condition of the patient, also adjusted to other accompanying diseases if any. If necessary, the doctor will consult the patient to a nutritionist for proper diet planning.

Other things that must be considered by people with pulmonary TB are:
Use a mask to prevent transmission Avoid exposing phlegm carelessly. Try throwing phlegm in a place exposed to the sun, and not in a place that is generally visited by people
That's all the explanation from me, hopefully it helps and useful :)

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