Food Menu For Malnourished Toddlers?

Illustration of Food Menu For Malnourished Toddlers?
Illustration: Food Menu For Malnourished Toddlers?

How about an example of a food menu from morning to night for children aged 4-5 years who are under the red line? What is the portion and weight of the food? Tks

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Hello Mrs. Annisa,

The nutritional needs of children under five are influenced by age, gender, and environmental temperature. In addition, it is also influenced by the quantity and quality of food, the presence and absence of disease. External factors can also affect the nutritional status of children under five, including economic level, parental education, habits, and availability of food in the household.

The child is malnourished, especially if it is below the red line, it requires the handling of a pediatrician. Apart from the diet, it also needs to be evaluated for other causes that make your child's nutritional status poor. For example, there are infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, urinary tract infections, impaired absorption of food in the intestines or other gastrointestinal disorders, blood disorders, deficiencies of certain minerals, organ disorders such as the heart and so on. If there is disease, it is likely that even though nutrition has been improved, the results will still be unsatisfactory.

Food choices for malnourished children are nutrient dense foods. The frequency of eating 3 times a day with an interlude of 2-3 times. Examples of food menus include:

07.00 Morning: Rice, chicken and vegetable omelette, chocolate milk
10:00 am Interlude: Cheese or Schotel macaroni sandwich
12.00 noon: Rice, meat / chicken stew, fried tempeh / tofu, sauteed vegetables, fruit, for example sweet orange
15.00 interlude: Pudding or yogurt
18.30 evening: rice, capcay, spiced fish, fruit
Night before bed: Milk

Try to eat complete meals, meaning that they contain carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals in one meal. Provide a variety of foods, don't stick with just one type of side dish so that the child doesn't feel bored. For the problem of numbers, it is necessary to analyze the current body weight and the underweight. Usually children 4-5 years need about 1550 calories or 90 calories / kg of calories.

Children's ability to eat varies, and each case requires separate handling. Therefore, it is wiser if you take your child to the pediatrician first. The pediatrician can refer you to a nutritionist and the pediatrician will work with the nutritionist to arrange the most appropriate diet and amount of food for your child.


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