Food Restrictions For Mothers Breastfeeding With Infants G6pada?

Illustration of Food Restrictions For Mothers Breastfeeding With Infants G6pada?
Illustration: Food Restrictions For Mothers Breastfeeding With Infants G6pada?

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1 Answer:

Hi Xiu Xing, thanks for your question

I understand the worries you are currently experiencing, but it would be nice for you to remain calm in dealing with this condition.

G6 deficiency is a metabolic disorder in which the enzyme glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase, an enzyme present in red blood cells, does not work properly. This causes red blood cells to break easily after being exposed to oxidative stress compounds, for example after consuming certain foods or drugs. As a result, people with G6 deficiency will experience anemia, which if it occurs in infants / children will affect their growth and development. G6 deficiency has a variety of clinical manifestations, ranging from mild to severe.

For those of you who have babies with G6pada deficiency, the best food in the first 6 months of life is breast milk (ASI). The composition of breast milk is dominated by water. It also contains protein, fat, and various vitamins and minerals. However, you need to pay attention, certain foods or drugs can also be secreted together with breast milk. This is why breastfeeding mothers with G6 babies need to pay attention to the food and drugs they consume. As for some of the restrictions:

drugs (whether in any preparation, eg tablets, creams) - dapsone, nitrofurantoin, phenazopyridine, primaquine, dimercaprol, methylene blue
food - fava beans (resembling peas), a few liters

Suggestions for you to increase milk production:

ensure the position and attachment of the baby during breastfeeding is correct
breastfeed your baby as often as possible, at least once every 2-3 hours (if your baby is sleeping, then express milk), the more often the breast is emptied, the more often it will be produced
increase breastfeeding at night to increase the hormone prolactin (a hormone that produces breast milk)
should not give a baby a pacifier or pacifier
get enough rest and avoid stress
because your baby is deficient in G6pada, the use of breast milk supplementation should first consult a pediatrician, especially if it contains nuts.

Regarding your desire to consume coffee, it should be examined wisely. Coffee contains caffeine, which when consumed in large quantities (about 6 cups per day) passes into breast milk. This will cause the baby to be fussy and stay awake. Apart from coffee, caffeine can also be found in tea or soft drinks.

Regarding your current health condition, you should check with a doctor first. Through interviews and in-person examinations, the doctor will determine the cause of your complaint, as well as determine its treatment. Don't forget to mention that your baby is deficient in G6pada so that some medications that might trigger symptoms can be avoided.

Hopefully this is useful

dr. Lili

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