Food Taboos For Typhoid?

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The doctor said that after being treated for typhus/ulcer, you can’t eat fried food, chiki chikian, chips, even jasuke (cheese-milk corn) and mesir banana (cheese-fried banana). Is that true? When can someone eat something like that again doctor? I really like meatballs, satay, dumplings, jasuke, banana Egyptian, chiki, bakwan. And whether worm medicine can treat typhus faster? Please explain honestly, doctor. Thanks..

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From the information you conveyed, there are patients who are recovering after being treated with typhoid infection, so a recovery period of about 7-14 days is needed after the patient feels good or after the patient is discharged from the hospital. This is because typhoid infection or ulcer disorders cause digestive disorders, if the treatment and recovery of typhoid infection and ulcer disorders is not carried out properly, it will cause the recovery period to be longer.

Good care, after coming home from the hospital because of typhus and gastric disorders can be in the form of:

1. Avoid spicy foods, noodles, meatballs, coffee, soda, snacks with various types (including snacks with flavors, salt content and strong flavor enhancers), foods that increase gas in digestion (such as satay, dumplings, cheese, corn )

2. Rest for about 2-3 days after coming home from the hospital or as directed by your doctor

3. Avoid sleeping late

4. Avoid excessive activity until back in control according to the specified schedule jadwal

5. enough water

By avoiding these foods, it is hoped that it will reduce the digestive burden of digesting food during the recovery period you are living. After you return to the doctor for control, the doctor will provide information on when you can consume your favorite again based on the results of the examination carried out.

While the medicine for typhoid is in the form of worms, I cannot recommend it, because this drug is not in the medical treatment procedure for typhoid infection.

That's the information we can convey, also read typhus.


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