Food Taboos When The Skin Is Inflamed Due To Allergies?

Illustration of Food Taboos When The Skin Is Inflamed Due To Allergies?
Illustration: Food Taboos When The Skin Is Inflamed Due To Allergies? Bing

HallornrnI want to ask, if the skin is inflamed due to allergies and has been given medicine by the doctor, what kind of food can you eat? Can inflammatory wounds be applied with honey and olive oil so that the hard skin becomes moist? After it’s moist, can it be forced to peel off? How long does the healing process usually take? thank you

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Hello good morning Adi.

Skin diseases due to allergies can be:

urticaria, also known as hives. The symptom is the appearance of welts or broad red and white bumps that look like islands. Hives can occur due to weather, exposure to house dust mites, pollen, and can also be caused by certain foods that trigger allergies. atopic dermatitis (atopic eczema), characterized by a red rash and cracks on the skin that feel very itchy. These symptoms usually appear in the folds of the skin. allergic contact dermatitis, which is an eczema condition due to contact or exposure to a certain substance. For example due to the metal content of watches, dyes in jewelry (eg colored rings), and so on. This condition occurs in chronic (long-term) drug allergy (fixed drug eruption), in this condition the rash occurs in one part of the body, and always repeats in the same place every time the sufferer takes the same drug that triggers the allergy. If the disease you are experiencing is a condition such as hives and is suspected to be triggered by food, then you should avoid foods that you suspect trigger complaints. Usually foods that trigger allergies are foods that contain high protein such as seafood (seafood), milk (including milk in chocolate), eggs, nuts, etc. However, if the complaints you experience are due to contact dermatitis or drug allergies, then there are no special restrictions for food/drinks that may be consumed.

Regarding the use of honey for wounds can be done because honey contains antiseptic properties, vitamin E, and antioxidants. But you need to pay attention that choose honey that is real honey, not artificial honey that is widely sold in the market. While the use of olive oil to treat skin diseases has not been much research that is strong enough and should be avoided if the wound tends to be wet.

The act of forcibly removing the scar is not justified, because this will trigger the formation of new wounds, peeling of the skin, and it is feared that the wound will take longer to dry and close. It is also feared that there will be scars that are difficult to fade if the wound is forcibly removed. The wound will peel off naturally and naturally over time. Wound healing depends on the size of the wound, the condition of the wound (wet/dry), the number of wounds, the position of the wound, health conditions (eg presence or absence of diabetes), and adherence to treatment. In small, light wounds, not too wet, and in good health condition, wound healing usually takes place quickly, about 5-7 days.

I hope this helps.

Regards, dr. Denisa

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