Food To Treat Lumps?

Illustration of Food To Treat Lumps?
Illustration: Food To Treat Lumps?

What food makes the lump thinner. And quickly enter. Really excruciating. Thank you.

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Hello M Zaki, thank you for asking with

Previously the doctor needed information about the lump, where was the location of the lump? How long has the lump been there? Are these lumps getting bigger, painful or bleeding easily?

Some causes of the lump that you feel include:

Lipoma (abnormal growth of fat tissue)
Lymphadenopathy (enlarged lymph nodes)
Hemorrhoids / hemorrhoids (lumps around the anus)
Other tumors on the body

Lumps that appear in the body (or also called tumors) occur due to body cells that multiply excessively. Tumors can be found in any part of the body such as and can also be malignant (cancerous) or benign depending on the type of cell.

Usually if there is a lump or tumor due to abnormal cell growth, the doctor requires operative measures to remove the lump and then assess the type of cells that exist whether malignant or benign. It is better to consult with a surgeon because a direct physical examination of the lump or other supporting examinations such as a biopsy is needed. We recommend that you immediately go to the nearest health facility, especially if the lump is getting bigger and bigger, pain, bleeding easily, or there is a significant weight loss.

Some things you can do for now include:

Adequate rest and consumption of nutritious foods
Consuming enough water
Do not delay to defecate
Routine exercise
Avoid smoking or consuming alcohol
If it causes discomfort or pain, you can take over-the-counter pain relievers such as paracetamol

Hopefully this information can be useful. thanks.

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