Foods And Beverages That Pregnant Women May Consume?

Illustration of Foods And Beverages That Pregnant Women May Consume?
Illustration: Foods And Beverages That Pregnant Women May Consume?

Hello, is there food or drink that should not be consumed by pregnant women before delivery? and is there any food recommended for pregnant women nearing delivery?

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Before delivery or during pregnancy, the recommended foods are the same. You must consume a nutritious complete meal in sufficient quantities (do not overdo it). Don't eat uncooked meat, fish, or eggs, wash vegetables and fruit thoroughly, avoid the consumption of fish or seafood that contain high mercury, reduce the consumption of salt, coffee, avoid alcohol, or milk that has not been pasteurized or not sterilized. Make sure you do not consume certain herbs or leaves that can trigger contractions. This can cause danger to your pregnancy and your fetus.

Make sure you continue to consume your pregnancy vitamins (you are still advised to consume pregnancy vitamins until you have finished breastfeeding), and control your obstetrician according to the schedule provided. Feel your baby's movements every day, immediately to the hospital if you feel your baby's movement decreases (less than 10 movements in 2 hours).

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